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setting up to view over internet

setting up to view over internet

Postby prits_uk2002 » Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:48 am

hi all im stuck with tryng to access my ip camera over the internet, i have it connected in wifi mode and i can view it in my private netwrok by typing in i beleve to be able to view over internet i need to setup port forwarding and also if i dont not have a static ip i would need to create a ddns account right?i shall open a ddns acc today but i wanted to understand the port forwardin stuff first.ok so on my camera setup page the data port is set to 5000 and web port is 80. then in my livebox i go to config>advanced>router>and selct port forwarding nat and click add to enter the details.
1.this is where im stuck i enter the name for the service
2.then it ask for type of protocol tcp or udp ?what is the diference ?which do i use
3.External port (port or port-port)? what does it want me to put here i dont get it external port?
4.Internal port (port or port-port)?again what does it want me to put here?and what is internal port
5 finally it wants to know the server ip add. what server? does it mean the ip ad for the camera on my network or ip add for the router to access it from webb??where do i get the info for this?

i forgot to mention on the camera setup do i need to change anything else such as ip add, subnet mask,gateway, data port, web port, dns address? also there is 2 sets of ip add, subnet mask and gateway am i right in saying i select the details which match the connection im using eg i use wifi so i use the ip add, subnet mask and dns add from the wifi section is that right? thanks again

i hope i make sense as this is all new to me sorry if i didnt any help is appreciated thanks again
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